How to Stop Ringing in Ears?

Today I will tell you a very effective method. I hope those who practice this pray for me. I am sure. This is useful and safe.

Tinnitus is very annoying. Some people’s right or left ear makes annoying sounds. If both of your ears are like this, it’s like a nightmare.

My mom has a tinnitus problem. She couldn’t sleep at night and was very aggressive. She says that this problem has now decreased by 70% and is very comfortable. Now it is happier and calmer.

Stop Tinnitus!

Various methods are described to stop tinnitus. But these methods do not work alone. Tinnitus is mostly brain originated. That’s why ear-only treatments don’t work. This is the system recommended by my mother’s doctor;

  • Practicing ear exercises recommended by Danish-based Widex. (Today it is one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world.)
  • Taking a strong supplement that repairs brain damage and eliminates toxic substances in the brain

I tell you all the details. Please read it to the end. Keep in mind! You have to apply both. Otherwise it will not work.

How to stop tinnitus?

1- Widex exercises

Before starting the exercises; Wear comfortable clothing. Please remove your shoes. Sit in a comfortable seat in a quiet place.

  • Focus on the muscles in one area of ​​your body. Tighten the muscles you focus on for 8 seconds. Release them by loosening suddenly. Continue this exercise from head to toe. Breathe when your muscles are tight. Slowly exhale as your muscles relax. (For example, suddenly tighten your right leg. And suddenly release it again.)
  • In this exercise, you should pay your full attention to your breath. Give all your breath out of your mouth. Breathe through your nose in 4 seconds. May your lungs be filled with oxygen. Hold your breath and wait 4 seconds. Finally, exhale slowly in 6 seconds.

2- Taking a very powerful natural supplement

After doing the exercises I mentioned above, swallow a Sonus Complete.It is a natural supplement produced especially for tinnitus.(There is a problem here. This natural supplement is not sold everywhere. It is sold only for the USA and Canada.) You can reach the Sonus Complete official site here.

I guarantee you will be comfortable if you follow this method. Those who have questions or make the method I described, please leave a comment below. So everyone can benefit from it. Thank you for reading.

-Tom Williams-


  • I was watching a video about Tinnitus. Then I started reading the comments.
    Someone was suggesting your page. This is how I discovered your site.
    I want to try this method too. Are you sure this method is safe?
    Because I saw a negative review about the supplement you mentioned here.

    • First of all, thank you very much for your comment.
      What you mentioned was a tradition in the internet world.
      Site owners are trying to get hits by writing negative articles about a popular product.
      For example : “5 reasons why you shouldn’t buy an iphone”
      However, iphone is an indisputable quality phone.

      What matters is experience. The doctor told my mother about this method.
      My mom did too. And the result is successful.
      These exercises are the advice of a world-famous hearing aid manufacturer.
      The other is a natural supplement, the content of which consists entirely of natural nutrients.

  • it really works! Thank you so much. The ringing were not completely finished but decreased.
    I bought a bottle of this supplement last week. But when combined with exercises, its effect increased.

    • What you said made me very happy. Believe me, I wrote this article on my mother’s insistence.
      As the sounds in her ear decreased, she became a very happy person.
      “We have to tell this to everyone,” she says all the time 🙂

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