The Most Comprehensive Ted’s Woodworking Projects / Plans Review on The Internet

My personal experience from using it 1 year. Does Ted’s Woodworking Plans really work? This detailed review uncovers what I found. Are 16000 plans and many bonus promises real? What categories do these plans consist of? (The category list is located in the comments section at the end of this page.)

Readers who visit my website mostly visit the page you are on right now. I couldn’t understand why first. But after doing 2 hour research on the internet, I understood the truth. There was no lengthy and comprehensive review of Tedswoodworking Plans. That’s why people spend a long time on this page. I will try to convey to you all I know.

5 things you’ll find in this review.

  1. Are Ted’s plans as good as they say?
  2. Does this product really have 16000 plans?
  3. What levels do these plans appeal to, and at what level am I?
  4. What have I experienced in a year?
  5. What is my objective assessment with its pros and cons? (at the end of the article) tedswoodworking reviews

First of all hello to everyone. I’m Tom Williams. I share my reviews and some useful blog posts on this site. I usually review the products I bought. Sometimes I review products that I have not bought but have sufficient information about. I do not go into technical and complex details.

I would like to briefly explain what I experienced about woodworking projects.

I live in a detached house. My house has a garage and a small workshop. I like doing things on my own. One of my biggest passions is woodworking. For years, I did something without using woodworking project plans but I was not satisfied. The things I did were working, but that’s all! They looked amateur. This situation broke my nerves. I finally accepted that I was inadequate in technical knowledge. What I did look like this.

Nothing beautiful except dogs. teds woodworking plans reviews

I started researching this topic on the internet. But there are a lot of useless sites on the internet. I wanted to do something with free plans first. I was unsuccessful every time. The plans were either missing or inaccurate. After a while, I started to think that I should get professional support. I bought 3 different products from different sites and unfortunately I had to return them all. This was a very annoying and painful experience. Because I was so hopeful. They all claimed that they had sold very good plans. I admit that I am a difficult customer. But when I tell you why I have returned these plans, you may justify me.

Why did I return the 3 woodworking project plans I bought?

1) Bill of Materials Prepared Sloppy

There was not enough information. They didn’t write exactly how much material I needed. I had to guess that. Some plans had the wrong materials. So I had to take my need to buy more material each time. I hate waste.

2) The Informations Was Confusing

Woodworking is my hobby. So I’m not a professional. But these plans assumed that I knew everything. Often I could not understand the instructions. There were techniques I didn’t know, and there was no explanation for these techniques. This was the subject I was most angry about.

3) There Were Shortcomings and Uncertainties in The Plans

The instructions on the plans I returned were written in a mixed language. It wasn’t clear enough. The drawings were insufficient and incomplete. Some parts were not visible. It was necessary to estimate these.

It was a complete disappointment for me! I Was Lookin for a Solution.

It has been 2 months since I had this bad experience. One day we went to visit my cousin Peter. We had not seen each other for a long time with Pete. He liked to build something on her own just like me. The things he did fascinated me so much that I cannot explain. He had a very nice kennel in her garden. Her garden furniture was great. When we entered my cousin’s house, the magic continued. Oh my God! There were those wonderful bunk beds I saw on the Internet in the children’s room. I can easily say that they all seemed fine quality. It was impossible not to be impressed.

Cannot read property ‘get’ of undefined. ted’s woodworking plans review

A New Hope…

I asked how he did all this. He told me that he did all these things using Ted’s plans. I was quickly convinced. I finally found the solution I was looking for. And I bought it immediately. I have been doing great things for a year using these plans. There are guides in the product. Both in pdf format and in the video. If you are a beginner like me, these guides will come in handy. Now I’m doing things like this;

Some of what I did in a year.
I enjoy an impossible recipe while doing this job

A small example of what else you can do with Ted’s Woodworking. (Source of the photo

For more information…

I think you are wondering the answers of these 5 questions.

1) How can I access these plans?

They offer two options here.

  • After making the payment, you are directed to the membership site. Whenever you want, you can access this site and access the plan you want. If you want, you can download all the plans for your computer.
  • Another option is to have the plans come to your address on DVD. Additional money is requested in this option. I think this option is not necessary.

2) Are the instructions detailed enough?

The instructions contain all the details. It shows you what you have to do step by step. I had no difficulty. Even if you are a beginner, you won’t have any problems. Because there are plans for every level. Moreover, videos make your work easier. This product contains 150 videos.

3) What exactly these plans look like. Can you show an example?

ted mcgrath woodworking
teds woodworking plans reviews

4) Are there enough plans and categories?

There are 16000 plans. But to be honest, about 12000 of them are very good plans. 4000 of these are outdated plans. This will be enough for you. You can find everything you are looking for. You choose from dozens of categories. (The category list is located in the comments section at the end of this page) Besides, new plans are added to these plans every month. You are not paying for these updates. In this way, you have a dynamic archive that grows day by day.

5) Do these plans work? Many bonuses are real?

Yes, it works. Because I have experienced this many times. All bonuses are real. These bonuses are charged on many sites. However, it is provided free here. Videos, guides and software are free.

If you haven’t found the answer you’re looking for, please ask me in the comments section. You can be sure that I will try to answer as soon as possible.

These 4 items are especially for novices;

1) You may not have a large workshop. A large woodworking workshop is not required for most of these plans. For example, my workshop is small, but I can do anything I want.

my woodworking workshop

2) You may not have very expensive tools. Expensive tools are not required for many of these drawings. For example, the tools I use are at average prices.

3) Let’s say you have missing tools. Which brand and model vehicle will you buy from so many options? Ted has brand and model recommendations in this regard. This way, you avoid getting a tool that won’t work for you.

4) You may not know where to start. This is so normal. A 200-page woodworking guide is provided free with this product. I constantly use this guide. Here there is very useful information for both novices and professionals. In many sites, these guides are sold in the $ 20-60 range. You can see an example of this guide below.

Here is information for the beginner level.
Information for advanced level.

My Thought About Price and Performance;

My opinion on this matter is very clear. I think the price of this product is quite affordable. Let me explain why I think so. On many websites you pay 60-70 dollars for 2-3 plans. The photo below shows the prices of products sold on a famous site.

woodworking plans for sale

The plans and guides in this photo are no better than Ted’s plans and guides. You will have 2-3 woodworking plans in your hand. So what happens when you are done with these plans? Will you get a new plan every time? I don’t think this makes sense. You can have a large archive that you will have for a lifetime for a reasonable fee.

Hold on Now! Do you know what I did with these plans for a year?

Did you wonder what happened? I like to explain this. I earned money from my hobby. The first requests came from my neighbors. They liked the garden furniture I made very much and asked where I bought it. I said that I did all this in my little workshop and that I could do the same for them if they wanted to. And I made money 25 times in the first 3 months. If an order comes, I do it like this; I work 1-2 hours when I come home from work. Thus, an order is ready in a maximum of 3 days. I think this makes sense. Because these are special orders and they are all handmade. Some people value such products instead of fabricated products. You can do this too.

Is Ted’s Woodworking Plans a scam? Are these plans stolen from other sites? Ted, an imaginary name?

I saw these kinds of articles on the internet and I was interested. I wondered what they wrote. I saw articles like this on a site that I don’t want to name; “Ted sells stolen plans! Ted’s Woodworking Plans is a complete fraud product. We went to Ted’s real address and found that there was no such place (And now please my dear readers, pay attention here.) I have better advice for you instead of Ted. I think … Plans are better. I think to buy this.”

It is not ethical to say bad things about another product to market a product. According to my research, Ted is a product that has been sold for almost 10 years. It is also very popular in its category. There is a huge archive in it. If this product was a huge lie, would it be so successful?

Pros and Cons of Ted’s Woodworking Plans


+ 60-day money back guarantee. (This is my first interest when shopping.)

+ There are more than 16000 projects. About 2500 of them are unique and high quality plans.

+ There are many categories. You will find the plan you are looking for.

+ New and different plans are added every month.

+ There are dozens of videos that work. In these videos, many projects are explained step by step. I use it often.

+ Its current price is very reasonable. Ted’s Woodworking Plans price policy will change soon. The monthly subscription fee would be $ 35- $ 40. The rights of members purchasing plans before this change will not be affected.

+ There are plans for every level of knowledge.

+ Detailed and clear plans. Clear instructions. You don’t have to guess anything.


The online system is sometimes slow.

Since there are too many plans, choosing can be tiring.

Some plans are very similar. Therefore, we cannot say that there are 16000 original plans.

Some videos have poor image quality.


My General Thought About This Product.

I think this product is far ahead of its competitors. A well thought out and well prepared product. Having guides and videos free is very advantageous. If I were at your place, I would hurry before this site went to the monthly payment system.

I think it was a long article. I hope you are not bored while reading. I wanted to write about my knowledge and experiences. This time I wrote a review about a product I have been using for a year. It was not difficult for me. Because I knew what I lived and what I should write. I hope I was useful to all of you. If you have a question, write below. I am waiting for your questions and comments.

tedswoodworking com


  • Some of the categories in Ted’s Woodworking are;

    Arbor Projects
    Adirondack Chairs
    Artwork Display
    Bathroom Unit
    Box Designs
    Billiard/Pool Table
    Barn Plans
    Bed Plans
    Bedside Cabinets
    Bee Hive Plans
    Bench Projects
    Bird Feeders
    Birdhouse Plans
    Boat Plans
    Book Case Plans
    Changing Table
    Coat Rack
    Cabin Plans
    Cabinet Plans
    Carport Plans
    Cart Plans
    Cat House Plans
    CD/DVD Holder
    Cellar Projects
    Chair Plans
    Chest Designs
    Chicken Houses
    Children Rooms
    Clock Plans
    Coffee Tables
    Cold Frame Plans
    Compost Bin
    Computer Desk
    Crafts and Gifts
    Cutting Boards
    Deck Plans
    Dog Houses
    Door Designs
    Drill Press
    Furniture Plans
    Farmshop Plans
    File Cabinet
    Kids Furniture
    Garage Plans
    Gun Cabinets
    Gun Hidden Storage
    Home Office
    Horse Barns
    Humidor Plans
    Hutch Plans
    Jig Plans
    Kitchen Projects
    Knife Block
    Lathe Plans
    Media Center
    Music Boxes
    Ottoman Plans
    Outdoor Plans
    Rabbit Houses
    Wooden Racks
    Router Plans
    Scroll Saws
    Outdoor Sheds
    Signs & Displays
    Small Homes
    Squirrel Den Box
    Storage Plans
    Swing Plans
    Table Plans
    Tool Boxes
    Trellis Plans
    Utility Buildings
    Wooden Toys
    Wagon Designs
    Wind Generator
    Wishing Well
    & Many More!

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